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The earliest article is in the May 12, 1978 issue of the "Willamette Valley Observer" (Eugene, Oregon, USA).Jerry says: "I was aware of the spiral disc that gives that after effect.Universal has its own workshops for remanufacturing with the latest testing equipment, this enables us to provide an excellent technical help line and an after sales support and backup service for free.Feel free to talk to one of our technicians when you call us on 44(0)1268 662210.In 1935, the artist Marcel Duchamp produced a set of 12 rotating optical illusions called Rotoreliefs.

These garden tillers easily cut through clay and rocky soil with less vibration.

Addams who found that he could get a strong motion aftereffect by staring at a waterfall for several seconds then shifting his gaze to something else.

The illusion is sometimes called the "waterfall effect".

Jerry Andrus invented the multi-zone rotating spiral (with alternating expanding and contracting zones).

The multiple zones produce a much stronger aftereffect than a simple spiral.

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In the 1970's, a number of Psychologists were actively studying the phenomenon.

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