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The solution is to turn this off: Wi-Fi Assist alone has been attributed to unusually heavy cellular data usage with i OS 9, but it’s by no means the only culprit.i Cloud Drive is a really great addition to i OS 9, but if you use it often and have a ton of files going back and forth, it can be fairly data hungry.The purpose is to encourage the region’s young people to continue developing their STEM competencies. Given that most users don’t have unlimited data plans, heavy cellular data usage can lead to overage charges pretty quickly, but fortunately there are some easy adjustments that can be made to resolve the hungry mobile data appetite of i OS 9 on i Phones.Although they were unable to compete because they did not have the minimum age required in the contest rules, they nevertheless decided to submit their App aimed at preventing illness.The contest’s prizes will consist of technology supplies: robot-building kits that Lego has given to the OAS for the contest, as well as cell phones, smartwatches, and Google Play Licensing.

This is great in that your internet experience is more reliable, but it’s not so great in that it means you’ll undoubtedly be using more cellular data if you’re on a cruddy wi-fi network.Of course, if you still have a coveted and ancient unlimited data plan like I do, you may not care about any of this, so let your i Phone eat data like there’s no tomorrow if you want.But for most users with metered data plans, making some changes can avoid overage charges and unexpected cell phone bills.Turning this off will help: Turning this off just means you’ll need to connect to a wi-fi network to transmit files and data between the i Phone and i Cloud Drive.Background App Refresh is a feature that is theoretically useful in that it allows apps to update themselves in the background when not active, similar to how applications work on a desktop computer like OS X or Windows.

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• Additional Finalist: Although the contest had planned to award this prize to one single winner in this category, it was decided that an additional finalist would be awarded the prize: the San Juan Bosco Salesian High School of Tuluá (Colombia), for their Green App.

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